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    Our team of energetic, talented and attentive professionals is dedicated to making the vision you have for the most sophisticated events a reality. Our experience ranges from planning corporate events such as conferences, holiday parties and galas, to more intimate affairs including weddings, baby showers, anniversary dinners, and birthday parties. With us on board, all aspects of your event will be taken care of. We collaborate with only the most trusted and respected vendors to ensure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

  • Vision

    Our Talent is to see into the future and execute the outcome

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What we believe

Value for Money

We believe in delivering an experience that leaves you completely satisfied, no matter if you paid $20 or $200

Friends and Family

Experiences are meant to be shared with the ones that you love. We commit to delivering experiences that are family friendly.


Not just your enjoyment, but your safety is an oughtmost priority for us. Celebrate Safe!

Our Skills

  • Marketing 70%
  • Branding 80%
  • Event Management 100%
  • Dynamic Entertainment 60%


Your Feedback matters, we wouldn't do it if not for you!

  • The Bubbles N Brunch party that was held this past Sunday (April 2nd, 2017) was by far one of theeeee BEST parties I've ever attended in the States. Not to be compared to other parties in the Caribbean. This party stands alone and in a class all by its merry self! Speaking from a seasoned party goer, I've attended a lot of parties over the years and I could tell just by observation, the promotors put a lot of thought and time into executing a good party for its patrons. Very well organized, meticulous, great customer service, good music, effortless by far a great quintessential brunch party! It was very reminiscent of Frenchmen in JA and Stages back in the 01-03 era. From the location, to the food to the vibes you guys did a remarkable job and for that I give you guys a gold star! ⭐️ Keep it exclusive as much as possible and the name Aurora will continue to hold a great reputation in the books!

    Char, Bubbles n Brunch
  • the fun always something different and surprising when they do that New Year's events so if you have never been to one you need to come this New Year's Aurora always try to outdo themselves every year can't wait to see what they have in store this year!

    Bruce Nicklow, Aurora NYE
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.super event...top of the top...was greatπŸ€—..take me back..thank u viva....no regrets

    Alisha Thomas, Viva La Carnival | Dominica

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